Many American Hatchers can trace their ancestry back to William "the immigrant" Hatcher who entered America c1634/5, he has been linked with the Lincolnshire Hatcher family, of Careby. However there is aparently no evidential basis for this connection.


It is thought by some that William married Marian Newporte at  "Ogborne St George, Wiltshire"  27 Dec 1632. Again my understanding is that there is no proof that this is William the immigrant.

We have a record of Edward HATCHER marrying (1615) Jane (or Jone) SEALE at Brading on the Isle of Wight. I believe that Edward & Jane were the names of two of William the immigrant's children. Which would SUGGEST that these MAY be his parents. It should be noted that although Edward & Jane married after the supposed date of William's birth, it was not unusual to have at least one child before marrying.---Marriage was a lot easier than divorce at that time.

At a later date members of the same family moved to Lockerly in Hampshire. In the next century we know that several members of this family emigrated to the Carolinas. easier than divorce at that time.  

Although this is pure conjecture it is worth considering that Sir Walter Raleigh's home at Sherborne was only 10 miles from Marnhull Dorset the home of the Westcountry Hatcher family, so might there have been a connection.