I (Bob Hatcher) am collating information on the various branches of the HATCHER family in England. It is my belief that ALL Hatcher families have a common ancestor. Prior to c1500 there seems to have been ONLY 3 areas with HATCHER families; one around Croydon Surrey, one on the Isle of Wight and the surrounding mainland and one about 20 miles north/ north-west of the Isle of Wight. in the area between Salisbury Wiltshire & Marnhull Dorset. The latter two families are in such close proximity with similar name patterns that I believe they MUST be related. I am not quite so convinced about the Croydon family but as the name only arose in this one area of England (between Surrey & Dorset) it would seem probable that we are all related.

The family from Croydon Surrey also owned land in and around Careby Lincolnshire for most of the 16th & 17th centuries. Which seems to have given rise to the mistaken idea that this area is the home of the Hatcher family.. An interesting coincidence is that Sophia Tomlin (my three times great grandmother) seems to have travelled from Corby(Glen) which is about 5 mles from Careby (the home of the Lincolnshire Hatchers)-- to Croscombe Somerset about 1840 which would suggest some form of family tie, although none has been found as yet.

Due to the many instances of cousins with the same name in the same village at the same time it has been necessary to "break" the families at various points I would appreciate any help that anyone can give me to join these "breaks".

I would love to hear from anyone who is related in any way to the various Hatcher families.

A brief History of HATCHER time

1) A HATCHER family was living at Croydon Surrey prior to 1490; Dr John HATCHER of this family bought the Manor of Careby Lincolnshire c1550.

2) In 1689 The Careby estate was sold to pay off debts incurred in the Civil War which were compounded by bequests in the will of John HATCHER (died 1679)

3) In 1704 Thomas HATCHER of the Careby family married Jane HUSSEY daughter of Sir Charles HUSSEY of London.


4) There are several mentions of HATCHER family members on the Isle of Wight c1555 and later, including an Edward & Jo(a)ne (SEALE) who married 1615. As William HATCHER of America born c1615 named his first son Edward & first daughter Jane, these may be his parents.

5) Many IoW HATCHER family members later moved into Hampshire, mainly near Lockerley and other villages around Salisbury. Richard HATCHER who emigrated between 1654 & 1663 has his birth place recorded as Lockera (most probably a misspelling of Lockerley).


6) It is less than 35 miles from Marnhull to the IoW which suggests that the two families could be connected.

7) The first known Hatchers at Marnhull are John CROWTER-alias-HATCHER and his wife Agnes (KELWAY) who were married 19 Oct. 1574 at Marnhull (both presumably born c1550-5) and appear to be the ancestors of all (most) Dorset/Somerset Hatchers.

8) The manor of Marnhull was bought by George HUSSEY of London 1651 — no connection has yet been made to Thomas HATCHER & Jane HUSSEY but it does seem an odd coincidence.

9) By 1619 the "CROWTER-alias" seems to have been dropped. After three generations --Was this a so called three generation lease

10) George HATCHER was christened 21 Jun. 1739 at Todber Dorset the son of James & Martha. No further reference to James & Martha has yet been found but he is presumed to be a descendant of John CROWTER-Alias-HATCHER. George married Mary BURT at Durweton Dorset 15 Sep. 1762 when he was described as "of Sturminster Newton"

11) George moved his family from the Marnhull area to Croscombe Somerset after 1768 (his son James HATCHER was born 11 Dec. 1768 at Kington Magna Dorset) & before 1779 (they were removed from Stoke Trister to Marnhull 14 Sep. 1780 which implies that they had 'settled' in Croscombe by that time).

12) In 1840 Sophia TOMLIN of Corby (sic) Lincolnshire was married to William HATCHER at Croscombe ---Was there a family connection between Croscombe Somerset & Corby (as per the 1881 census) Lincolnshire? — is Corby really Careby? If there is no link why did Sophia move to Somerset?