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Where do we come from?

It is starting to look very much as though the West-country members of the Hatcher family have been in this area since at least the Fifteenth century. I would suggest that in effect there are at least two distinct sources/areas for the various Hatcher families. Those with origins in and around Marnhull Dorset & the Isle of Wight which includes the various West-country Hatcher families and those with origins in Surrey/Kent. The latter include the The Lincolnshire Hatchers (There now appear to be about 20 Hatchers in Lincolnshire in ten households), but what was the connection between the counties of Lincolnshire & Somerset that brought Sophia Tomlin to the West-country? Tomlin is a much more common name in Lincolnshire.

Both the above family groups appear to have descendants in Australia Canada the USA and other former English colonies. To the best of my knowledge the name did not occur outside of Southern England.
As some may know Thomas Hatcher of Careby, Lincolnshire had to sell the family estates in 1689 due to debts in excess of £5,500 which I am reliably informed equates to well over £5.5 million at today's prices. Details can be found in the Act of parliament which I have transcribed from an " original" photocopy supplied by Lincoln Library which is in my possession please be aware that,


As a piece of general information I have consulted a 1882 trade guide to Lincolnshire (White's Directory) which supplied the information on the Villages and was unable to find a single Hatcher in any occupation if anyone has any knowledge of any Lincolnshire Hatchers either then or now I would be grateful if they could forward it to me.


At the time of writing. There are currently 2,498 registered (to vote) Hatcher adults in the U.K. The vast majority in the southern half of the country.

Apparently there are 9,213 residential phone numbers in the US if the proportions are similar then there are probably something like 30,000 Hatcher adults in the USA. If anyone has similar figures for other "branches" of the family please feel free to let me know.

To reiterate, as yet I have not proved a direct connection between the West-country Hatcher and Lincolnshire Hatcher families, but it is starting to look possible. In 1841 my Great Great Grandfather William Thomas Tomlin Hatcher was born. His father was William Hatcher of Croscombe Somerset his mother Sophia Tomlin of Corby Lincolnshire which is less than 5 miles from Careby ancestral seat of the Lincolnshire Hatcher family (coincidence?).  

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