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Many people will be familiar with much of the information on this page as it is a rebuild of a site that I had some 20 years ago, For various reasons mainly time I have done little fresh research 

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The information on these pages refers primarily to the ENGLISH HATCHER families prior to their migration to the various colonies, and their descendants in the UK.

These the ENGLISH HATCHER pages are meant as a tool to enable all of us who have an interest in the ENGLISH HATCHER & related families to further our research.To that aim this information is published freely and may be considered opensource.

This site is by no means my own work but is a compilation of the information gleaned over many years by the many 'cousins' who have spent much of their lives researching the family history and who have kindly agreed to share their research with myself and others. You are welcome to use any information on this site as part of your own research or to link to this site (I would appreciate it if you tell me when you set up a link so that I can reciprocate).

In the period 1620 to 1780 the population of the original Thirteen American Colonies alone went from about 2,500 to over 2.5 Million mainly by emigration, there must have been quite a few Hatchers amongst them.


As a comparison it is estimated that in the period 1640 to 1801 the population of England and Wales went from 5 Million to just over 9 Million. 


PLEASE DO NOT take any information in these pages as gospel truth it is merely my current interpretation of the information that I have to hand, and can easily change as information is obtained. In the case of Births, Deaths etc. it is STRONGLY reccommended that you check the original documentation.

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